Will VPS give me a free estimate?
Yes, if you are local, we can come out to give you a free estimate, but what we can do and what you might prefer initially, is by finding out a few things about what kind of pool you have: shape, width and length, wall construction, if any steps, we can give you a quote over the phone, as long as the base of your pool is in decent shape and we don’t have to see it to assess more labor.
What is the best way to contact VPS for questions I have?
We check our email every day but the phone is probably better.
How long do liners typically last?
We like to see 8 to 12 years of life out of our vinyl liners.
Do you build pools?
No, we replace liners in existing in-ground pools only and do not work on dough-boys. Sometimes the liners we replace are partially above-ground with wood decking, but most are flush with concrete decking with different shapes and wall construction.
Pool — above ground pools in Walnut Creek, CA
How long would it take to put a liner in my pool?
Most installation times vary depending on time of year, but most take two to four weeks from the date of contract.
Why should we contract with VPS?
We specialize in custom design and installation of all our products. We follow strict procedures to prepare each pool properly for a job that will be done correctly the first time. If there are any problems, we always address them and return all calls immediately. Unlike some contractors, the owner is on every installation and has been doing liners for approximately 30 years. He is able to be on every liner installation because liners are our primary business. We also have a large selection of styles and prints.


Why select a VPS cover?
This is a perfect button up type cover that keeps your pool clean, safe, with less chemical and water evaporation, all at an affordable price. Please call to discuss.
Pool covers — above ground pools in Walnut Creek, CA
How long does it take to get a cover?
Again, they are custom so from design to manufacturer to installation is about 2-3 weeks.


Why select a VPS dome?
Again, we measure and install all of our air-supported domes. If you want to measure and install your own dome, that’s ok too. We will help you in the instructions. Always feel free to call with any questions.
What is a dome used for?
Most of our customers use their domes in the fall and winter months to swim year round. Some others like a dome to keep their pool clean and secure. These domes are versatile in that they can be removed easily and reinstalled once the initial installation has been completed.
How is a Dome Made?
Our most popular dome is a cable anchor in which a cable runs in a reinforced hem at the base of the dome and clips into eye bolts secured in your decking. The material is a 20 mill sheet vinyl with a variety of colors. There is a zipper entry. The dome is inflated by a squirrel-case type blower. Call for more details.
Dome — above ground pools in Walnut Creek, CA