Air-Supported Domes

Vinyl Pool Systems’ domes will provide safety, coverage and protection from the elements. They are perfect for both residential and commercial clients looking for a cost-effective solution for covering their pool area.
Put an air-supported dome over your pool to provide safety and keep your pool insulated for year-round swimming. We install domes for people who enjoy swimming, exercising and need year-round use for therapy. Give us a call at (925) 280-7665 with the width, length and shape of your pool and we can give you a quote.
Air supported domes — above ground pool enclosures in Walnut Creek, CA

Positive Aspects of Domes:

  • Year-round swimming
  • Less chemical evaporation
  • A cleaner pool
  • For keeping children and animals safe
  • Protection from the elements if used for commercial use
  • Install/reinstall is fairly easy with guidance from us
If you have any questions, please contact us today for a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you soon.