About Vinyl Pool Systems

Vinyl Pool Systems specialize in swimming pool liners for vinyl pools, domes and covers. We've been in the business for 29 years and we have owned our own business since 1986.

We are owned and operated by Mr. Greg Ross. He got started under the wing of Mike Smith, President of Vinyl Fabrications, Inc., one of our main manufacturers. Greg's mom was also co-owner of this company. Unlike our competitors, Greg has been both selling and personally installing each vinyl liner, dome and cover through all these years.
Man and woman — swimming pool liner in Walnut Creek, CA
Due to many requests, we have decided to take our business global, because of our experience and pride in our customer service. Should you contact us, we can provide you with references, including our last three customers’ names, or any names of past customers or pool companies.

Since we do business with three manufacturers, we can provide you with a vast selection of printed liners, covers and air-supported domes. We will gladly give you a quote to install any of our products in the Contra Costa, Alameda, Solano County and surrounding areas. Just give us a call and we'll make you a repeat customer.

If you have any questions, please contact us today for a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you soon.